Odjel za sociologiju

Quality policy of the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology at the University of Zadar is dedicated to the continuous improvement of all aspects of scientific, teaching, professional and administrative work in line with its vision, mission and goals, and with the aim to promote high academic standards and knowledge transfer into the local community and society as a whole.

In terms of quality assurance and improvement the goal of the Department is to continuously build and nurture a culture of quality, not only within the Department, but also wider academic and nonacademic communities.

The quality assurance system of the Department is guided by the following principles:

 (1) Holistic approach: all aspects of the Department are included in the process of assuring and improving quality.

 (2) Self-criticism: all aspects of the Department are continuously evaluated in terms of its vision, mission and goals.

 (3) A plan-centred approach: goals are set and evaluation criteria formulated in terms of specific and measurable outcomes.

 (4) Focus on improving quality: the assumption is that quality standards, as set in relation to European standards and guidelines (ESG) need to be continuously improved.

 (5) Trust: the quality assurance and enhancement system at the Department is based on trust towards stakeholders and the further nurturing of this trust.