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The Department of Sociology at the University of Zadar was established in 1976 as part of the former Faculty of Philosophy. In the first phase of its activity, it was especially noted for its research activity in the field of sociology of religion. At the beginning of the 1980s, with a single major module under the title “organization of cultural activities”, the study programme in sociology made cultural policy its primary focus. In the late 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, there followed an intense research activity in the fields of sociology of youth, women, and lifestyles. In empirical research associated with the mentioned fields, mixed methodology (a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods) was introduced.

Starting in 2003, the Department is a part of the newly established, department-based and completely integrated University of Zadar. Since 2005, following the introduction of the study programme harmonized with the requirements of the Bologna reform, three-year undergraduate as well as two-year graduate study programmes have been launched. Both are double-major study programmes. The Department is also a mobility partner in the implementation of a single-major International Master’s degree in Cultural Sociology in cooperation with the universities from Graz (Austria), Trento (Italy) and Brno (Czech Republic). At both levels, the study programmes are composed of obligatory theoretical and methodological courses, and elective courses in various fields. Already at the undergraduate level, obligatory theoretical courses include a discussion of the most recent theoretical insights. Obligatory methodological courses, on the other hand, ensure a solid grounding in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Elective courses are offered in the fields of sociology of culture, youth, religion, education, migration, identity, emotions, media, urban sociology, environmental sociology, and sociology of Croatian society.

Based on the knowledge and skills acquired in the undergraduate study programme of sociology, employment can be found in public opinion research agencies and advertising agencies, the media, public administration, and non-governmental organizations. The completion of the graduate study makes it possible for the graduates to perform work of a higher level of complexity in the mentioned fields, as well as to get employed as high school teachers of sociology (following the completion of the pedagogy module). 

In cooperation with University of Teramo (Italy), the Department of Sociology heads an International joint doctoral programme in Sociology of Local and Regional Development. Ten generations of doctoral students have been enrolled so far. In 2019, the doctoral study programme was re-accredited by the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education and received the highest level of quality mark.

With the faculty composed of nine research professors, three lecturers and four assistants, the Department is recognized in the Croatian sociological community as a research-oriented university unit committed to the development of society and helping to resolve the problems encountered by the local community. In the European context, the Department is recognized as a reliable partner, committed to the culture of quality.

As part of its commitment to the development of the culture of quality, the department encourages and supports international mobility of its students and faculty. The researchers employed at the Department have participated in several European collaborative research projects, as well as in numerous national and other international research projects.

The Department regularly organizes international conferences and workshops in the field of sociology, as well as public lectures through which it promotes the development of the culture of quality as well as the transfer of knowledge to the community and wider society.

Report on activities 2005.- 2012.

Report on activities 2012.- 2017.

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